Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sometimes life throws a curveball

Well, sometimes when things are going normally, or so you think, life can send you a curve ball. I have had to deal with skin cancer recently. I am very thankful, very, VERY, thankful that I had the best kind of skin cancer, if there is a best! I had a small spot about the size of a pea just to the side of my right nostril. I think I probably had it about a year. In that year, it didn't seem to grow to much, it did get a whiter appearance to it and kind of looked like a scar. I just had that feeling that you get when something is not quite right. Well, I made an appointment with my dermatologist's office and the doctor said she didn't really think it was anything, but my husband said to her that he thought it looked a little whiter then it had. So, she said she would go ahead and biopsy it beings it was on my face. The tech numbed it up, wasn't very painful and then took a little "divet" out of the center. Two weeks later.. yes two weeks for pete's sake it finally came back and it was positive for basal cell carcinoma. I was then made an appointment to get the MOHS procedure done. It sounds scary, but it was not bad at all.. they numb you up really well then take a layer of the cancer out, put a bandage on you and then you wait in the waiting room while they dye it, freeze it and slice it. I was surprised by the amount of people with bandages in the waiting room! This is really a common skin cancer, which you can get by tanning in tanning beds also.. so beware! Okay, so after waiting about an hour you find out if they got all the cancer, in my case they had to do one more pass to get it all. I was sent home with a pressure bandage on my face and an appoinment the next day with a plastic surgeon beings this was on my face.

To say that I was surprised by the repair is an understatement! The cancer had tentacles to it and they had to cut down to the muscle and the shape of it required me to have an incision from right around my nostril down to right above my upper lip... Here is a pic, but it is not pretty so I warn you..




this was taken just a few hours after surgery.. I was very swollen and sore! I didn't think my lip would ever look normal again!

5 days post op.. nice shiner huh? I am still pretty sore, but I am feeling much and looking much less swollen.

Just 10 days after surgery after having my stitches out! Not to bad huh?
I am glad that it is over! It was so stressful leading up to the surgery.. Now I am getting ready for another surgery, but this one is totally voluntary.. I can't wait till all of this surgery is over and I can get on with exercising and taking kickboxing again.


Anonymous said...

WOW - quite a surgery, and the scar looks great!

-Liesl (zeph317 on Sonlight)

Pam said...

Oh bless your heart! My red headed sister has been thru the same thing! I remember seeing photos of her and just crying for her. She lived in Venezuela when most of her surgeries were done, so close to the equator, not good for the fair red heads! Now she is in Paraguay and just went thru some removals last week. Not to this extent you had done here but she did mention her hubby wouldn't ler her out of the house for fear of others thinking he had abused her!