Saturday, December 20, 2008

yes, I did it.. I won over the dough..

And made Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls. They will put you in a diabetic coma, they are that good. I was kind of nervous because I can't work dough with a darn.. but as ugly as they started out they turned out really good!

Fresh from the oven!!!

The have a maple icing... sooo good, very rich tho!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the rolls look YUMMY!

Jennifer said...

thanks, they were very good!

Tiffany said...

I almost made these for Christmas but chickened/lazied out. One of these days though - you've inspired me!

Cindy in GA (from SL) said...

Jennifer, was your dough WAY sticky/gooey? I've got the dough in my refrigerator to try rolling out tomorrow, and it does not look like it's going to be easy to work with. Did you add extra flour? I put an extra cup in already, and it's still very sticky and soft. Wish I could ask PW what this dough's supposed to look like!