Thursday, September 11, 2008

Haven't posted in forever..

To put it bluntly.. I just haven't felt like it. No, really.. I have been under the weather. I started my CPAP treatment about a month ago and was feeling great! Now, I am back to the doctor complaining again of facial swelling, some days it is so bad that when I take a picture of my myself that you cannot even see my ears! I was doing a "spa" night with my daughter and we took pictures of ourselves and I was just devastated at how I looked. I told my endocrinologist that something is up, that is not normal and she finally ordered a 24 hour urine test to look for cortisol, mine was of course high.. 133. Then I had to take another test where you take 2 dexamethosone tabs at 11 pm, then go in at 8:00 the next morning for a blood dry, while in a few days starting a saliva test. I am stressed and scared as I don't know what all this exactly means. I also have been have major abdominal bloating, pains, stomach aches.. so I need an appointment with my GYN to see if maybe I have more fibroids again. I am just worried about my health, you know I just want to be a mom and wife and have fun while homeschooling my children. Please say prayers for me to get better and all of this simply resolved, and for the doctors to have the knowledge to help me get better. Anyway.. we did get a field trip in last week to the Virginia Living Museum so I will follow up with pics of that. Sorry so down and out.

see the little duck behind Brandon? He was so cute! So was Brandon!


Shushan said...

May the doctors be blessed with discernment in locating and fixing your troubles!

Yes, VLM is a great day trip. Used to take my kids there all the time when memberships (and gas) were relatively cheap. The owls are especially friendly, we've found.

Susan in Va (SHS & HS-HR)

Jennifer said...

Thank you Susan!