Monday, July 14, 2008

I can't wait for sleep

So, I had my sleep study follow up today. The doc said that I have mild sleep apnea. I will be having a titration sleep study this Saturday to find out which CPAP mask will work best for me and at what pressure etc. Basically, the night of my sleep study I was asleep about 429 minutes but of those total minutes, I was woken up 200 some times because every time I would reach the dream state of sleep I would start snoring and wake myself up. The first hour I was asleep I was woken 29 times, just in that hour.. geez! Does that make sense? LOL, I'm tired. Also my Circandian Rythm is totally out of wack. So, he has prescribed me Rozerem. Hopefully by the last part of August (that is when my next FU is), I will be getting some kind of quality sleep.
In other news, my dh and dd went camping. DS and I went out Saturday night to swim and cookout.. Here are some pics my hubby took.


Adena said...

My father in law has the mask, it made the biggest difference. I hope you can finally get a solid night's sleep and no longer be tired!! (btw, I followed you from Karen's site for the favorite 3 things..)

Jennifer said...

Hi Adena! Thanks for stopping by, hope you come back often!

Aimee said...

Many of my family are apnea plagued... my dad has had a mask for years, as does my brother-in-law, and my husband got one the first year we were married (I know, how romantic!). While they can be cumbersome at first, I know that they've made a huge difference in their quality of life - finally feeling rested when they wake up and having more energy daily.