Saturday, July 12, 2008

3 Favorite Things Contest!

Karen over at Between the Worlds is having a 3 Favorite Things contest. She is giving away a $10.00 Starbucks giftcard and I can feel a Caramel Frapaccino calling my name! This was a first full year of homeschooling, it was challenging yet very rewarding, I loved having my kids home with me where they belong. Okay so lets see if I can come up with 3 favorite things..

1. Teaching Textbooks Geometry. There is no way that I could have taught my son Geometry, this program is like a classroom, you hear your teacher and he teaches you on a virtual "chalkboard". The program comes with solutions as well so if your student is having trouble he can get help.

2. My public library. We all would be broke if we had to buy all the books we needed for reports, projects etc.

3. Lapbooking. This was totally up my daughters alley, as Lapbooking incorporates "arty" type work and my daughter is totally up for cutting things out, and coloring.

So, although not exciting these were my favorite things this past school year. Thanks for stopping by!


Karen said...

You must be my soul sister - I love Caramel Frappuccinos, too! I hadn't thought about the library, but, yeah, we couldn't afford nearly as many resources without it. Thanks for participating!

Adena said...

I mentioned TT too!! Geometry is the only one I don't have yet and I need it by Christmas. We also lapbook to "shake things up a bit". I do it as a way to test what they remember.