Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My tat

I have started reading Carlos over at Ragamuffin Soul.

He is awesome, married to a beautiful lady with three adorable kids.. the littlest their adopted son from Korea, which you can find his adoption story on his web page, its a great read... be prepared with Kleenex is all I can say.. mmkay? Anyway he hosted "Splat your tat". There you can post pics of your artwork and the story behind it. Here is my tat:

I wish I could tell you some awesome story behind it but it actually goes this way...
my girlfriend Sheryl and I have been friends since elementary school, about 30 years now. She lives in Iowa, I live in Virginia (Iowa is where I grew up). She came out to visit me for the first time a couple of years ago. We decided to get matching tatooes to commerate our friendship. Thats it, no exciting story. But whenever I look at it I am reminded of my good friend and hopefully she is reminded of me as well.

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