Monday, January 7, 2008

Saving money

With a family of 5 I try to save as much as possible. I heard about Crystal's ebook about saving money at the grocery store at Amy's site and decided to check it out. I have saved alot of money at the store! First I checked out my local Food Lion store sale flyer and based my meals around what meats, vegies etc. they had on sale. I also went by the Grocery Game's method, its only $1 for an 8 week membership, I figured what did I have to lose right? My first trip was to Food Lion to stock up on TP, snacks i.e. cake mixes, cereal, paper plates, ect. My total before savings was $49.28 after I used my MVP and coupons my total was $21.07. I saved 59% on my grocery trip! My second trip to Food Lion I spent $31.13 on TP, great sale and we always need it right, LOL, cereal again we are stockpiling here and my hubby snuck in some cheese no coupon for that tho, my total after savings was $16.56 or a 49% savings. I never buy things I don't need, except when hubby sneaks things in the cart! LOL and the idea again is to stockpile the things you need when they are ON SALE, and they you save money later. Today was my big shoping day. I bought a weeks worth of food using the method of Crystals and the Grocery Game, my total was $233.09 before MVP and coupons and after $161.36, a 32% savings, not to bad. This metod of savings certainly helps, I don't buy food or items that I won't need which is soooo important LOL! Check it out and let me know how you do!


Amy B said...

Awesome job, Jennifer!!

Crystal does a fantastic job of breaking things down and giving you ideas to run with. I have saved soooo much money by doing this! I am glad that you did too!

Have a great day!

Jody said...

Good for you! I've got to figure out how to save $ at the grocery store. I buy only my list and the least expensive brands when I can but I don't buy much processed food so I have trouble finding coupons.

Jennifer said...

I started at the I save alot on toiletries as well.. you know how expensive razors and shower gels are.. you can get great deals on them also. I stocked my pantry and freezer the last trip to the grocery. I will post about it soon. Thanks for visiting!

Denise said...

I'm trying to learn how to save more money on our groceries too. Looks like you did pretty good to me! :)