Saturday, December 29, 2007

Disney Part 2

Cinderella's Castle. It was soooooo beautiful! I was watching a special about Disney World on TV the other night and they said they dye the lights to match the castle so during the day time you can't see all the lights hanging from it unless you look really close. It changed colors too! It is in the Magic Kingdom of course, I think that MK was my favorite park. Everything in Disney was so clean and so pretty at night with all of the xmas lights!

Every hotel at Disney World had its own Christmas tree, here is the one at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.
Tony, Brandon and Savannah.

They boys had their room, and the girls had theirs. Here are the boys in their room, missing from the picture is daddy.

Arriving at EPCOT

The first night were were there we had dinner in Mexico, which is in EPCOT. We ate at the San Angel Inn. It is modeled after a hacienda that dates back to 1692. Dinner was very good but service was slow, but it was a Friday when we got there and very busy!

Here is Savannah and Brandon at dinner.

Before dinner we rode Test Track, our first ride in Disney. It was alot of fun, it went very fast! LOL!

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