Monday, October 15, 2007

Field Trip

My hubby and Brandon had the opportunity to go on the USS George Washington with a neighbor for Friend and Family day. They had an awesome time! Some facts about the USS George Washington.
*It is a nuclear powered supercarrier
*It is 1,092 feet long and as tall as a 24 story building
*it can accommodate approximately 80 aircraft and has a flight deck 4.5 acres in size, using four elevators that are 3,880 ft each to move planes between the flight deck and the hangar bay.
*I obtained all this info at, check it for out for more cool fact.

Now for some pics and a video.

On the deck

Lots of stairs!

A table set for our MIA and POW

Isn't that incredible! They had a front row seat. My hubby said they also demonstrated breaking the speed of sound a couple of times. He said he chest just thumped with the incredible roar. Awesome!

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Ginger said...

That reminded me of when we go to the Blue Angels air shows! I love it when they come screaming past! What an adrenaline rush!!!